What types of products do you handle in your liquidation services?

We specialise in a wide range of products, including electronics, tools, household items, kitchen utensils, and more. Our inventory often includes both customer returns and new stock.


What is meant by customer returns merchandise?

Customer Returns merchandise encompasses items previously purchased by consumers and subsequently returned. While we provide a manifest for reference, it serves as an indication rather than a guarantee of the items received, and buyers should anticipate potential discrepancies. Our Customer Returns inventory undergoes processing through trusted partners, yet functionality is not assured. Expectations should consider possible imperfections like scratches, scuffs, or missing accessories, as all inventory, regardless of condition, is sold on an AS-IS basis.


Are the products in your pallets tested or altered in any way?

No, all inventory regardless of condition is sold AS-IS, exactly as received from our supplier. We do not conduct testing or make alterations, providing you with the items in their original condition. Please take into account a +/- 5% discrepancy between the value of the goods being sold. We will not accept any disputes that fall within this range. All sales are final.


What is the difference between overstock and returned items?

Overstock refers to new, unused items, while returned items are products that have been previously purchased and returned; condition is unknown.


What are unmanifested pallets, and how do they differ from manifested ones?

Unmanifested pallets refer to liquidation stock that is not accompanied by a detailed manifest listing the specific items included. Unlike manifested pallets, where the contents are disclosed in advance, unmanifested pallets offer a level of surprise. While the exact products are not listed beforehand, they often contain a diverse range of items, adding an element of discovery and potential value for buyers seeking variety in their inventory.


How do I contact Liquidation Stock to initiate a liquidation process?

You can easily place your orders directly from our site or reach out to us through our contact page. Our team will promptly assist you in getting started with the liquidation process.


Is the condition of the retoure articles known?

No, we have no information why articles have been sent back. In our experience, 80-90% are as new and used, 10-20% are broken. Of course, it also can be an unlucky pick and the other way around.


Are you selling pallets with a selling list?

We have manifested pallets with a list for our premium members.  We also have mixed pallets without a list which we sell with the market value.


What are the benefits of becoming a premium member?

Becoming a premium member unlocks a host of exclusive benefits tailored to enhance your experience with us. Enjoy early access to new inventory, special discounts, and priority customer support. Dive deeper into our liquidation offerings with premium-only deals and personalized recommendations. Upgrade to premium today and take advantage of our limited time FREE Registration!


Describe your process?

We receive daily retoure articles directly from our Liquidation partners, we sort them into pallets, we do not open any articles. You can buy the pallets then from us. The condition of the articles is unknown. But mostly A and B stock, C-stock can also be included.


What is A-Stock, B-Stock C-Stock?

A-Stock: Is new, B-Stock: returned article but condition is unknown and is not tested, C-Stock: heavily used or missing parts. Condition is unknown and is not tested.


Can I also collect my order from your warehouse?

Yes, but we ask that you make an appointment to ensure that the vehicle offloading/ loading site is free for collection. Please leave a personalized note at the point of checkout with the date and time you would like to come and a member from our team will confirm with you. Our office hours are Monday - Friday . 8am - 5pm.


Can I return a purchase?

Purchased goods will not be refunded or exchanged even though the transaction was made “at a distance”.


Can individuals purchase from Liquidation Stock, or is it exclusively for businesses?

Our primary focus is on serving businesses. If you are a private individual interested in purchasing from us, please be aware that the legal warranty or gewahrleistung does not apply to your purchases with us.


Are the prices listed on your website negotiable?

Our pricing reflects the value and quality of the liquidation stock. However, for larger quantities or specific arrangements, feel free to reach out to our team, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.


Is there any Guarantee & Gewährleistng coverage on my purchases?

B2B Conditions apply to every purchase made and any Guarantee  & Gewährleistung conditions are not applicable.